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The Bronx Revolution and the Birth of Hip Hop (2013), Photo: Joe Conzo Jr.

Paseo (2012), Photo: Alan Watson

The South Bronx Culture Trail engages artists, scholars, and community members in developing a physical and virtual trail connecting sites that played a significant role in spawning the rich cultural history of the South Bronx. The initiative also includes intergenerational performances, exhibitions, dance parties, the gathering and dissemination of oral histories, a website, and guided tours of the Culture Trail.


The South Bronx Culture Trail works to preserve the remarkable history of the neighborhoods that gave rise to Mambo, Salsa, and Hip Hop, and to celebrate the cultures and individuals of the South Bronx.  The South Bronx Culture Trail was launched to record the memory of a community—one that has given rise to resilient traditions of art, activism and celebration.


Graphic Cyphers at Times Square; Photo: Maria Baranova @TSqArts

Anne Nguyen / Compagnie par Terre & Yugson


A new work by Anne Nguyen for 20 NYC dancers made in The Bronx, NYC commissioned by Dancing in the Streets and Crossing the Line Festival 2016


Extending the tradition of the Hip-Hop cypher – the circle of dancers that surrounds the ever changing soloist – Anne Nguyen’s new work Graphic Cyphers maintains the intimacy and dynamism of close audience proximity to the dancers, yet constantly changes their perspectives and viewpoints as the dancers shift positions and levels.


The work featured a new generation of Urban dancers from around NYC, including members of the It’s Showtime NYC project, and was made in the streets of the Bronx and hosted by the Bronx Museum of the Arts. Performances took place in the streets of the South Bronx and at the Museum on Friday September 23, and in Times Square on Sunday September 25.


Anne Nguyen collaborated on this project with Yugson, an award winning Urban dancer based in Paris, France who also created the score for this new work.

Graphic Cyphers at Times Square; Photo: Maria Baranova @TSqArts


Arthur Aviles

Tina Ramírez

Bill Aguado

Alex Aponte

Anna Arraya Colon

Antonio Sergio Bessa

BG183* (Tats Cru)

Benny Bonilla

Américo Casiano

Alvan Colon Lespier

Marcos A. Crespo

Robert Crespo

Elizabeth Figueroa

Ricky Flores

GrandWizzard Theodore Livingston

Elena Martínez

Jorge Popmaster Fabel Pabon

Al Quiñones

Angel Rodriguez

Rosalba Rolón

Rafael Salamanca, Jr.

Bobby Sanabria

Robert Sancho

Lisa A. Sorin

Eric Soto

Dave Valentin

BG183 performs in The Bronx Revolution and the Birth of Hip Hop, Photo: Joe Conzo Jr.

Music Director Bobby Sanabria leading PASEO. Photo: Alan Watson

Elena Martinez leads Trolley Tour of the South Bronx Culture Trail , Photo: Elaine Delgado



The South Bronx Culture Trail Festival, Cinemusica City!, was a two-night celebration of the cultural legacy of historic South Bronx concert halls and movie theaters that offered a look into the future generation of talented Bronx youth.

Along with reanimating long-forgotten South Bronx cinemas and concert halls with larger than life projections of vintage footage from music greats such as Tito Puente, La Lupe, Grandmaster Flash and GrandWizzard Theodore, Cinemusica City! culminated in a night at the movies with Latin Music and Hip Hop films, and live performances by BB Bronx and NeNe Ali.


The Bronx Revolution and the Birth of Hip Hop was a multimedia work created and directed by Joanna Haigood in collaboration with hip hop pioneers—DJ GrandWizzard Theodore, photographer Joe Conzo Jr., M.C. Grandmaster Caz, graffiti artist BG183 of Tats Cru, and Rokafella—who described their personal relationship to hip hop through spoken word, through their distinct media, and through their interaction with a video landscape by the arts collective 3_Search, which included projected images of the South Bronx in the 1970s and ‘80s by Joe Conzo Jr. and Henry Chalfant. The production culminated in a dance cipher followed by Melle Mel’s and Grandmaster Caz’s rousing rendition of The Message.


Paseo was a roving site-specific performance by choreographer Joanna Haigood and music director Bobby Sanabria that celebrated the Hunts Point and Longwood sections of the South Bronx and their astounding contribution to Latin music. With performances by over 80 dancers, musicians, poets, actors, and community members, the neighborhoods’ fire escapes, stoops, and sidewalks came alive with Latin music and dance, stickball games, and street scenes evoking the vibrant street life and cultural vitality of the neighborhood between 1945 and 1970. Joanna Haigood received a Bessie Award for PASEO as "an outstanding production of a work stretching the boundaries of a traditional form.”

SOUTH BRONX CULTURE TRAIL is co-produced by Dancing in the Streets and Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education. Its first two years were made possible in part by a generous grant from the Rockefeller Foundation’s NYC Cultural Innovation Fund.  Additional support for Paseo was received from the MAP Fund, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Con Edison and Smartwater.

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